Slow Sensual Sex

Can You Feel It?

We've changed Sex Porn Erotica. There's a more streamlined look
to the site with the ability to swipe through the pages.
The emphasis is on the images. Larger, faster, stronger.
We've had a large increase in traffic over the last year.
So much so, our servers started complaining about our resource usage.
So we've taken a bold step. Our archives are no longer available.
What you get is a week's worth of content [about 50 pages].
You'll find them listed in 'Recent Posts' above.
This makes the site much faster to use.
Change is the only constant thing. Hope it turns you on.

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  • Porn for Geeks
  • The Roman Empire Gave Rise to Modern Porn
  • Vulva Sexual Arousal
  • Pubic Hair: To Shave or Not to Shave?

  • Good Fucking Morning
  • How to Get You Hard
  • Experienced Fuck
  • Torrid Lesbian Threesome
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