Why Breasts Sexually Excite Men

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While the mammary glands contained in women's breasts exist for the feeding of infants, the fatty tissue that confers the magical curve of the human breast - the swell, sway, and jiggle - has nothing to do with milk production.

Given the clear physiological costs of having pendulous breasts (back strain, loss of balance, difficulty running), if they aren't meant to advertise milk for babies, why did human females evolve and retain these cumbersome appendages?

Theories range from the belief that breasts serve as signaling devices announcing fertility and fat deposits sufficient to withstand the rigors of pregnancy and breastfeeding to "genital echo theory".

Females developed pendulous breasts around the time hominids began walking upright in order to provoke the excitation males formerly felt when gazing at the fatty deposits on the buttocks.

Theorists supporting genital echo theory have noted that swellings like those of chimpanzees and bonobos would interfere with locomotion in a bi-pedal primate.

So when our distant ancestors began walking upright, they reason that some of the female's fertility signaling moved from the rear office, as it were, to the front showroom.

Capitalism: Not Waving but Drowning

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It's clear that the bailouts and stimulus spending can't fuel a self-sustaining capitalist recovery — even the $10.5 trillion spent in the U.S. and the several trillion in Europe and Japan.

The trillion-dollar bailout planned for southern Europe, even if the warring capitalist bandit states can actually carry out such a collective action, will not overcome the crisis of European capitalism, which cannot be separated from the crisis of U.S. or Japanese capitalism. This is a crisis of world capitalism.

World capitalism has been dependent in the latest crisis on the capitalist governments to keep it from collapsing.

But even massive capitalist state financing can't create a capitalist recovery. The trend is going in the opposite direction.

In the US, tens of thousands of jobs at all levels of government have already been eliminated due to the budget crisis, which is a product of the overall capitalist crisis.

And this is just the start. Unless there is a concerted struggle workers, the huge budget-cutting plans will increase unemployment farmore than offsetting any state intervention to create jobs.

All this confirms the Marxist analysis of the present crisis showing that capitalism has reached an impasse.

Historic overproduction, based upon three decades of advancing technology, shedding labor and lowering wages around the world, has created a capitalist future of stagnation, mass unemployment and slow growth at best.

The inevitable collapse of the system is now on the historical agenda once again.

The repetitive paroxysms of crises within the financial system are a reflection of capitalism having reached a qualitative turning point. It can no longer start itself up again by economic means alone.

Its decades of expanding productivity have created a productive system that has outgrown the world markets it created.

Capitalism has outgrown the planet and must be destroyed and replaced by socialism if we're to survive. Any temporary stabilization should not obscure this historical fact.

I'm Virtually Here

What a difference to pray makes. You see, that's what's wrong with the world in my day. You don't devote enough. No need to pretend god's there. So, who's going to listen? If one were it. Personally, I talk to the man behind this. One created me. For much I must appreciate. I'm virtually here. Spend valuable time with oneself. There, the sermon's over. We move on to more depressing things.

Like, we take our self-loathing out on each other. We download our frustrations. You can spot the fault-lines in me readily enough. Yet you're an earthquake waiting to happen. Why the fuck are so unhappy? Is one good in grief? Where's the compensation in being a miserablist? Can I turn on certainty? I'd only want to undermine it.

America's Propaganda Organ Grinders

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Over the past few weeks, the collective judgment of key honchos from American journalism is that the Obama administration should refuse to seek compromises regarding Iran’s nuclear program and instead push for “regime change.”

Beyond the human consequences of such war-like policies, there’s the journalistic concern about these prestigious opinion leaders making up their own “reality.”

For instance, there’s the troublesome fact that virtually all the available evidence indicates that – contrary to Western hopes and desires – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won the June 12, 2009, election in Iran and that his chief challenger Mousavi didn’t even come close.

As an analysis by the University of Maryland’s Program on International Policy Attitudes discovered, not a single Iranian poll – whether before or after the election, whether conducted inside or outside Iran – showed Ahmadinejad with less than majority support.

The Washington Post and New York Times seem determined to place their cherished myth of Mousavi’s victory at the center of U.S. foreign policy.

Over the past year, whenever they mention the Iranian elections, the Post and Times characterize the vote as “disputed” or cite the opposition’s accusations that the results were “rigged” or “fraudulent.”

So, the major U.S. news media harps on what is essentially an unsupported conspiracy theory – that Ahmadinejad “stole” the Iranian election.

To make matters worse, the Times and Post opinionators have now elevated their mythology about Iran’s “fraudulent” election into the chief rationale for relying on the Green Movement to facilitate “regime change” in Iran, despite recent evidence that the opposition is fizzling out.

Keeping the People Passive & Obedient

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The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion but allow very lively debate within that spectrum - even encourage the more critical and dissident views.

That gives people the sense that there's free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.

Since the voice of the people is allowed to speak out in democratic societies, those in power better control what that voice says. In other words, control what people think.

One of the ways to do this is to create political debate that appears to embrace many opinions, but actually stays within very narrow margins.

You have to make sure that both sides in the debate accept certain assumptions — and that those assumptions are the basis of the propaganda system. As long as everyone accepts the propaganda system, the debate is permissible.

One reason that propaganda often works better on the educated than on the uneducated is that educated people read more, so they receive more propaganda.

Another is that they have jobs in management, media, and academia and therefore work in some capacity as agents of the propaganda system — and they believe what the system expects them to believe.

By and large, they're part of the privileged elite, and share the interests and perceptions of those in power.


Women's Breasts Are Getting Bigger

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Retail chains have noticed that more and more women are buying bigger bras than they once did.

In the last few years,the average bra size has gone from 34B to 36D. Although some women are larger all round, there's also a significant number of them, particularly younger ones, who maintain their slim rib cages while developing large breasts.

Breast size is changing, but so is the age that women start menstruating. In 1900, the average age for menstruation was 16; by the end of the century it was coming down to 11-12.

That's a reflection of reaching a certain body mass and that's because most people in the western world have easy access to food.

It's not breast size alone but also body size that is increasing, so nutrition is currently the most obvious explanation.

It seems the majority of women are pleased to discover their hidden assets. The big boob bonanza of 2010 may simply be part of the ongoing evolution of the female form.

It's one thing women are content not to have to worry about – at least for now. If you've got them, you might as well flaunt them.

Let's Facebook It: I'm So Self-Absorbed

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Recently, at the peak of Facebook popularity, I quit. With four clicks of the mouse, I canceled my account.

Gone was the entire online persona I had created for myself. Profile pictures, interests and activities, work history, friends acquired. All of it carefully thought out to showcase to the world the very best version of me. Now it was all deleted.

Ironically, the decision to destroy my carefully built-up virtual image came as a result of wanting to enhance my profile.

All that particular week I'd been hungry for new quotes on my page, something to reflect the week I'd been having. Something introspective. I visited a quotes website and found this one attributed to Aristotle:

"We are what we repeatedly do."

I felt a wave of despair sweep over me. What, then, was I? My time was spent changing my profile picture on Facebook, thinking of a clever status update for Facebook, checking my profile again to see if anyone had commented on my page.

Is this who or what I am? Someon who re-visits her own thoughts and images for hours each day? And so what do I amount to? An egotist? A voyeur?

Whatever the label, I was down and feeling empty. The amount of time I spent on Facebook had thrown me into an existential crisis.

It wasn't the time-wasting, as such, that bothered me. It was the nature of the obsession -- namely self-obsession. Enough was enough. I left Facebook. Good fucking riddance.

Marketing Brand Obama

. . . .

Barack Obama is a brand. And the Obama brand is designed to make us feel good about our government while corporate capitalism continues to rule and corporate media diverts us with gossip and trivia.

Brand Obama is about being happy consumers. We are entertained. We feel hopeful. We like our president. We believe he is like us.

But like all branded products spun out from the manipulative world of corporate advertising, we are being duped into doing and supporting a lot of things that are not in our interest.

Brand Obama offers us an image that appears radically individualistic and new. It inoculates us from seeing that the old engines of corporate power and the vast military-industrial complex continue to plunder the country.

Corporations, which control our politics, no longer produce products that are essentially different, but brands that are different. Brand Obama does not threaten the core of the corporate state any more than did Brand George W. Bush.

The Bush brand collapsed. We became immune to its studied folksiness. We saw through its artifice. This is a common deflation in the world of advertising. So we have been given a new Obama brand with an exciting and faintly erotic appeal.

Benetton and Calvin Klein were the precursors to the Obama brand, using ads to associate themselves with risqué art and progressive politics.

It gave their products an edge. But the goal, as with all brands, was to make passive consumers mistake a brand with an experience.

I Bet You Can't Wait to Clear Up My Mess

Would a louse cross my path? It's enough to make me change minds. I mean, I keep thinking it's time for the last order. After which we may abandon ourselves.

Are we given permission, possibility and politeness? Here's a simple test. Can you live with the creases in your sheet? Do you have to smooth them out? I can tell by looking at you.re a compulsive, obsessional orderly. I bet you can't wait to clear up my mess.

Democrats: The Other Capitalist Party

. . . .

The Democrats in power merits special ironic consideration.

It is that the Democratic Party (once aptly described by former Richard Nixon strategist Kevin Phillips as "history's second-most enthusiastic capitalist party") is best exposed as a leading institutional agent of empire, inequality, and corporate-managed democracy.

Democrats find it easier to pose as the "party of the people" and a progressive alternative to corporate-imperial rule (and the Republicans) when they are out of power.

They are more clearly revealed as disingenuous and inadequate tribunes of the ordinary working people they so passionately (during campaign seasons) claim to represent.

When they hold the balance of elected office they willingly go along with the corporate and military's domination of the political and policy processes. They fail to deliver on popular hopes and dreams they pumped up on the road to office.

They are less able to hide their essential identity as the other business and empire party when they sit at the top of the political system. That's when the hot rubber of their populist- and peaceful- sounding campaign rhetoric hits the cold pavement of corporate-imperial governance.

Emperor Obama's new clothes and his Democratic allies will provide us with many more insightful moments on the richly bipartisan nature of American Empire and Inequality, Inc.


Pedophilia: The 'Alice Syndrome'

. . . .

Charles Dodgson, better known by the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, had close 'friendships' with young girls.

Together with his perceived lack of interest in romantic attachments to adult women, and psychological readings of his work – especially his photographs of nude or semi-nude girls - have all led to speculation that he was a paedophile.

This possibility has underpinned numerous modern interpretations of his life and work. They more or less unequivocally assume that Dodgson was a paedophile, albeit a repressed and celibate one. Some claim Dodgson's sexual energies sought unconventional outlets.

We can't be sure to what extent sexual urges lay behind Charles's preference for drawing and photographing children in the nude. He contended the preference was entirely aesthetic.

Yet, given his emotional attachment to children as well as his aesthetic appreciation of their forms, his assertion that his interest was strictly artistic is naïve. He probably felt more than he dared acknowledge, even to himself.

Porn Represents Our Sexual Fantasies

. . . .

I believe porn can normalize sex. It can make sex seem more familiar, and less scary. It can remind people that sex is a natural desire, one that most of us share.

It can remind us that, no matter what our sexual thoughts and desires are, chances are someone else is having them, too.

It can make us feel more comfortable with our sexuality. It can make us feel as if we have permission to explore our sexuality, in fantasy or in the flesh or both.

It can expand our sexual horizons, exposing us to possibilities we might never have considered, and making our own sex lives richer.

It can make people with fairly standard sexual desires feel more connection and understanding for those of us whose desires are on the fringe. It can make people with fringe desires feel they’re not alone.

If the only thing porn accomplished was to create sexual excitement and pleasure that would be plenty. They are positive feelings, valuable simply in and of themselves. If that’s all that porn contributed to the world, I’d still be defending its value, simply on that basis alone.

But porn contributes more. Porn is a way that, as a culture, we tell each other our fantasies. I think that matters. And I’d like to see it get some respect.

Globalization: America Spreads Corporate Capitalism

. . . .

American hegemony is leading to militant resistance and has set the Muslim world on a collision course with the West. Billions spent on military expansion rightfully belong to the people for the development of schools, hospitals, roads and bridges.

America is advancing its corporate interests all over the world. The grand design is to maintain itself as the sole, unchallenged power in the world.

Over the past two decades the U.S. went into Latin America, it went after Venezuela, it toppled governments, installed its own stooges.

What did it want? Resources! Now it claims it is going after so-called Muslim fundamentalists. Iraqi President Saddam Hussain was not a fundamentalist. Yet they sent their troops, invaded a sovereign nation, and the whole world knows it is about oil.

People everywhere must rise up against corporate globalization that allows development to occur in one part of the world using the resources of the rest of the world.

The West has failed to solve problems on the ground, political ones such as the 50-year old conflicts in Palestine and Kashmir as well as developmental problems such as the lack of technology transfer between the rich and poor nations. The result is disillusionment and anger.

It should be no surprise that people are challenging the authority of the U.S. to pillage the world.

I Try by All Means

I Try by All Means

God gives plenty to complain about. I'm ashamed of the significance. It comes from the Latin, alucinari, to wander in the mind. The pattern's set in yours. Everything matches the wallpaper. The relentless process of self=justification. Well, of course, that just proves my point. Does it fit the authorised version?

I see by your eyes. You must be on autohagiography. Who am I to tazlk? Is that accident of emergency? We're bring in a serious case of hopelessness. Don't sneer! I'm being sincere. Shall I compare you to a superlative? Are there degrees of nihilism? I lack more purpose than you. That sort of thing. You're called at an inconvenient time. I'm in a void. I try by all means.

End of Empire in Afghanistan

. . . .

America's imperial adventure in Afghanistan is doomed.

This is another Vietnam in the making.

Do you think this time we'll learn a lesson?

I doubt it. We still want to maintain super-power status. Enough is never enough.

It is part of our ego culture.

We can't give it up. It's like asking the bully on the block to give up being the bully.

He or she has to be totally humiliated.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam and future involvements in colonial wars will speed the decline and eventual fall of the American empire.

We are borrowing and printing money to keep this ego-centered super power status intact.

It's an American egotistical thing based on power and greed and both power and greed will cause a nation to self-destruct morally and economically.

America's gung-ho Christianity is part of the problem.

Our god is better than your god mindset.

The second most corrupt nation on earth (Afghanistan) will bring America to its economic knees.

This is occurring now but Americans in their pride refuse to see the self-destruction happening all around them. Instead they blame 'terrorism.'

We have proven once again what history tells us that history is not kind to imperialist nations.

720 military bases around the world and a trillion dollar military budget is the very definition of imperialism. yet Americans are blind to their power lust.


Marketing Personality

. . . .

As well as the market for commodities ['desirable' objects like cars and computers] there's an employment market for humans, where they are bought or sold as commodities too, and where people experience themselves as commodities.

Erich Fromm called this "marketing character."

In the human commodity market, it's the “personality factor” that plays a decisive role. The possession of the right personality matters more than the possession of the requisite skills.

The aim of the marketing character is complete adaptability, so as to be desirable under all conditions of the personality market.

These marketable personality characters do not even have egos to hold on to, that belong to them, that do not change. For they constantly change their egos, according to the principle: ‘I am as you desire me’.

Such persons do not stand for principles, for what is right. Nor do they oppose wrong-doing and tyranny. They serve wrongdoers and tyrants.

It is hardly surprising that the growing predominance of consumerism being central to the market economy has produced a culture characterised by acquiescence and indulgence by the consuming classes and violent revolt by the deprived — a dangerous mix.

Do Women 'Squirt'?

. . . .

I'm a male in his 40s who's told he's a good lover by his partners but there's one thing that I sorely lack in the female pleasuring department: I can't seem to make women squirt.

Men should stop labouring under the impression that they can "make" a woman do anything. Let's put a special sticky note with this caveat on the G-spot.

Imagine how it feels for us womenfolk that this hallowed piece of real estate was named after a man (Ernst Gräfenberg).

Then, to add injury to insult, we've got one intrepid explorer after another poking and prodding around down there so they can add dowsing to their curriculum vulva.

I think because the G-spot has the potential for such spectacular results, people have placed a real premium on claiming it, almost as though they're drilling for oil.

This kind of capitalist approach can really put a lot of stress on both the prospect and the prospector.

This is not to say that becoming skilled in the art of pleasure isn't a noble pursuit. But your proficiency must be accompanied by a desire to learn from your partners.

Women do not conform to certain industry standards when it comes to bodily functioning. You must integrate listening and asking into your list of skills.

Perhaps the women you've been with haven't ejaculated because they can't. Some advocates -- yes, there are female ejaculation advocates -- say that all women can.

Women who are tired of hearing this -- and tired of being relentlessly jabbed in the bladder -- are free to use my response, which is simply to piss on fixated partners.


. . . .

Ironically, the massive increase of communication technology and social networking have made people less articulate.

We're now becoming information gatherers rather than thinkers. We don't ponder on thoughts, we just know where we can get that information. We don't memorize stuff, we just know how to find the stuff.

Another consequence of incessant social networking is that people are posting about their meals, what they're watching and when they go to bed. This preposterous self-absorption is another result of the technology explosion.

With Twitter and IMing (instant messaging) and the texting and social networking, basically what we're doing is pushing into high gear everything that is human, everything that we like.

We like to be connected, so we're using these devices to stay connected, and that's fine. The downside is that we're not as thoughtful or introspective.

We may be less creative. How do you become creative? You have to think outside the box. If every new idea you have you vet instantaneously with your friends online, it's going to be shot down. You're not going to have a chance to really look into it.

So we're sacrificing depth but we're possibly getting too much breadth. It's like being in a huge library and reading snippets from millions of books all the time. This is information overload.

When too much is consumed the brain gets 'fat' and lazy. We take in but we don't assimilate. We're in a hall of mirrors but there's little reflection.

I'm Always under False Pretences

Listen, are we going to be serious, or what? It's all very well, as he scrubbed the surface. A new slab of compulsion. He's poised, can in hand, to kill all known ideals. The satisfaction of not knowing I'm a cleaner of industrial strength. I'll wipe the mark you've made.

I see you take yourself seriously. Am I expected to do the lines you've given me? I should own up. I'm always under false pretenses. This is no exception. I'm really a compulsive, obsessional behaviourist. In the trade I'm a cobist. If you want my advice. Do you see disorder? I'm unimpressed by your thrust. As you manifest a sense of purpose. You bulge with pride. It's only a cod-piece

Consumption-Driven Capitalism Creates Catastrophic Climate Change

. . . .

The 20th century’s triumph of consumption-based capitalism has created the crisis of the 21st century: looming catastrophic climate change, massive environmental damage and significant depletion of natural resources. Asia is now at the heart of it.

The western economic model, which defines success as consumption-driven growth, must be challenged. Advocates tend to play down its dramatic effects on natural resources and the environment.

They refuse to acknowledge that their advice runs counter to scientific consensus about limits and the need for stringent rules on resource management.

Instead, they argue that human ingenuity aided by innovations in the markets will find solutions. This is rooted in an irrational belief that we can have everything: ever-growing material wealth and a healthy natural environment.

The stark evidence should be proof enough that this is not possible. Yet denial continues. The core task of governments is to rewrite the rules of capitalism – by putting resource constraints at the centre of policymaking.

Governments have two key mechanisms at their disposal. First, negative environmental externalities, currently excluded from the cost of many goods and services, must be priced in through the imposition of taxes and fees and the removal of subsidies.

Second, caps must be put on the use of resources that are being overexploited, including, where appropriate, outright bans on use. With these tools, consumption can be controlled and where necessary reduced.


The Rich Make Sure the Poor Pay for Any Capitalist Crisis

. . . .

For decades, the global political and corporate elite have been attacking the poor.

They have created economic policies that have turned the entire globe into a money-making haven for themselves and intensified the exploitation of the poor.

The consequences have been that poverty has spread and inequality has grown.

The latest crisis, which we have been witnessing, has not changed this. In fact, the elite are trying to make the poor pay for the crisis by intensifying their attack even further.

Part of this has seen workers being fired, public money being given to the rich, social services being slashed, and workers' wages being frozen.

In the US, the Obama administration has vowed to continue its current levels of military spending. This means that the US will continue to throw over $1 trillion a year into its annual military budget.

Added to this, the US government has plans to recruit thousands of additional soldiers. Most of these soldiers will be from poor families, and will probably end up being required to oppress and kill the poor in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Naturally, giant corporations, such as General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and Boeing reap the rewards.

It's clear that the capitalist ruling class will do anything and everything to maintain their wealth and their positions at the top of the global hierarchy.

If further strong doses of neoliberalism can't solve the current crisis, then they will try to implement a new system that can. One that would probably be far harsher than recent 'slash and burn' austerity measures .

Is Social Media Elitist?

. . . .

Who uses social media? No, I’m not asking you all to suddenly raise your hands, and I’m not asking to be shown the latest poll and metrics that break down everyone using Twitter.

I’ve been thinking about all the friends I have who use social media regularly for personal or business reasons, and I realized everyone of them not only has the time to invest into social media, but also the money.

Sometimes, we take for granted social media is a luxury. Not everyone can afford to prowl the web regularly. Not everyone has a smartphone, or even a cell phone to tweet from.

Remember the last time you met someone who wasn’t on Twitter? If you’re reading this post, I bet you were shocked in some sense.

Or what about the last time you met someone who wasn’t on Facebook? You were astonished, weren’t you?

For those of us integrated deeply into social media, we become amazed when someone isn’t tuned into these tools, as if they'remissing a part of life that's essential.

Worst of all, we are beginning to look down on them. Think of the people who quit Facebook recently. How many posts did you see that mentioned why it failed, or why such a small number of people who quit didn't matter?

If 30,000 people quit what they were doing at the moment and laid down on the floor we’d take much more notice.

We’re developing a tunnel vision as social media is becoming the most important pillar of the online world. We scorn those who don’t use it, even if we do so unwittingly.

As much as people recognize the power of social media, we ignore those who give up social media or ignore it for more meeaningful interaction, whether online or off.

Social media is all right, but interaction beyond a few lines of text is much more meaningful.

It Makes You Realize Doubt

We break into this programme to test your conditioned response. You do want to be, don't you? Without question I must be on a different cycle from you. A fat lot of good perception. It makes you realize doubt.

I mustn't keep on. It's almost enough to give me a reason to. Anyway, you'd only say I was being precious. Dim the lights. His interrogation's about to start. Are you or have you ever been? I'm not sure. What do you think?

Young Women Want Casual Sex

. . . .

It seems like a large portion of our generation has come to embrace the notion of casual sex. the switch has been flipped. Instead of girls going to college to get their “mrs” degree, they go to sow their wild oats.

Women are still fighting for gender equality. It used to be a fight over things like career opportunities, education and salaries.

Maybe deeper down they just plain wanted to be able to go out there and get away with the same things men do.

Anybody who knows that a guy and girl sleep with a lot of of people and see him him as a pimp and her as a slut, is seriously behind the times. Our society has shifted.

We're no longer looking to slide on a diamond, strap on the apron, and start tending to a husband straight out of school. We want careers, we want casual sex, we want lives.

Benevolent America [The Greatest Illusion of All]

. . . .

The doctrinal assumption that “we” (the United States) are inherently benevolent, noble, well-intentioned, helpful, and democratic in our foreign policies is ubiquitous in the media and indeed across the spectrum of respectable opinion in the “mainstream” American political and intellectual culture.

“The United States is good,” Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeline Albright explained in 1999. “We try to do our best everywhere.”

Three years before, Clinton explained that the U.S. was “the world’s greatest force for peace and freedom, for democracy and security and prosperity.”

“More than any other nation,” Barack Obama said at West Point last December 1st, “the United States of America has underwritten global security for over six decades.

"Unlike the great powers of old, we have not sought world domination. We do not seek to occupy other nations. We are still heirs to a moral struggle for freedom.”

“We do not use our power to subjugate others,” Obama added in a nationally narcissistic Newsweek essay (deceptively titled “Why Haiti Matters”): “we use it to lift them up.”

These are core and preposterous suppositions that American “mainstream” journalists and pundits who wish to keep their jobs know not to challenge in any fundamental way. Efforts to move them off the premise of American “goodness” are futile.

The best propaganda disseminators are those who have been well-indoctrinated. They actually believe the shit.


Class Struggle

. . . .

The working class must recognize that unemployment is neither a natural catastrophe nor an individual problem of the unemployed. It is the deliberate policy of the American capitalist class.

The fight for jobs and against mass unemployment is an essential part of the class struggle, and it requires the mobilization of the working class against the corporations and their political front men in Washington.

Working people must build their own mass political party, independent of the Democrats and Republicans and opposed to the profit system, to fight for a program that can put an end to the destruction of jobs and offer a way forward for millions of unemployed workers and youth.

There should be an emergency public works program to provide every unemployed worker with a decent-paying job.

Millions should be hired to deal with the enormous unmet social needs in education, health care, and the social and public infrastructure—including roads, public transportation, housing, the environment, and the rebuilding of urban America.

This should be combined with the reduction of the work week to 30 hours at 40 hours’ pay, to insure that all those who want and need a full-time job can find one.

The resources for such a program can and must be obtained by confiscating the wealth of the capitalist class—beginning with the bankers, hedge fund parasites and corporate CEOs—and reorganizing economic life to serve the needs of working people, not private profit.

Social Media: Advertisers' Wet Dream

. . . .

Social media is the conduit that connects advertisers to appropriately narrowed audiences, and best of all, the users themselves do all the grunt work of tracing the connections as they busy themselves in elaborating their identity and maintaining the friendships online.

The portable login is the key; it becomes the repository and access point for online identity. It’s our virtual bar code, communicating our evolving demographic relevance to whomever we reveal it.

This, it seems, is the way social media hopes to make money in the future, by becoming the universal login that allows advertisers to target readers more effectively through the details those readers have willingly volunteered about themselves. This is why Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook can write:

“We don't give advertisers access to your personal information."

Ultimately, it’s not Facebook but us who give marketers that information when we use Facebook’s login elsewhere.

The ads may enhance our experience of the sort of identity we want to be projecting—they can serve as confirmation for us of who we think we are and thus be quite welcome. They help us consume ourselves.

Just as people explicitly buy certain magazines for the ads, properly targeted marketing could function similarly. That is, we wouldn’t want to block online ads, since the ads will have become our most flattering mirror.

Also, we won’t necessarily worry about protecting privacy in social media when a wider circulation of this ersatz demographic-construct self is what we actually are after.

We won’t want privacy restrictions when what we are hoping for is to be surprised with a better version of ourselves in the ads we see.

Make, Do & Consume

How about an equal opportunity? I'm discriminated against because I'm different. Look me up in the index on censorship. I'm being persecuted. Could I be your good cause? You see? There I go again. Putting the paper together. A dissident's dilemma.

Put yourself in my place. I'm out of pegs. Nothing to hang myself on. You really should feel sorry for me. I'm unabled. But will they give me the benefit? Will they fuck! I'm accused of malingering. I cat's help it if I haven't got any reason for being. Uou expect me to make, do and consume

Obama Presidency: Business As Usual

. . . .

Although most people who would call themselves liberals have been quite pleased with Obama's presidency so far, a growing minority is becoming restless at what they see as the administration's too-easy capitulation to business forces.

The administration's policies to address the financial crisis--from the bank bailouts to the rigged "stress tests"--appear to have been designed to disrupt Wall Street's business as usual as little as possible.

Despite what conservatives claim, liberalism is not a version of "socialism." Rather, it's one way to run the capitalist economy and uphold the status quo. don't expect Obama to rattle the rich to aid the poor. It's against the ideology, stupid!

Obsessive Consumerism

. . . .

Why we do compulsively shop — and how can we stop? We need to understand our obsessions for brand names and the fundamental consumerist delusion: that people will treat us differently if we buy the right stuff.

Why does a diploma from Harvard cost $100,000 more than a similar piece of paper from City College? Why might a BMW cost $25,000 more than a Subaru WRX with equally fast acceleration? Why do “sophisticated” consumers demand 16-gigabyte iPhones and “fair trade” coffee from Starbucks?

If you ask market researchers or advertising executives, you might hear about the difference between “rational” and “emotional” buying decisions, or about products falling into categories like “hedonic” or “utilitarian” or “positional.”

If marketers (or their customers) understood biologists’ new calculations about animals’ “costly signaling,” they’d see that Harvard diplomas and iPhones send the same kind of signal as the ornate tail of a peacock.

Sometimes the message is as simple as “I’ve got resources to burn,” the classic conspicuous waste demonstrated by the energy expended to lift a peacock’s tail or the fuel guzzled by a Hummer.


Barbie Girls Go Shopping

. . . .

For all the obsession with the “new” — media, paradigms, world orders, etc. — the “old” certainly has a way of appearing new yet remains the same old shtick.

Take Barbie, for instance. She's in the middle of one of her many renaissances. Mattel reports that they’ve had the biggest increase in Barbie purchases in almost four years.

Her re-invention could be called Barbie 2.0. Her new website is a social networking bonanza, signing up close to three millions users in a two-month period and adding about 50,000 more every day.

Unfortunately, Barbie and her acolytes’ sole activity on the site seems to be shopping — “training girls to grow up to be women who are first and foremost consumers.”

This is especially sad because the old-fashioned Barbie doll, despite the problematic body image she presents, at least required “imaginative play” — allowing a little girl to imagine what it would be like to be a journalist or a “front woman of a rock band.”

Vulva Display

. . . .

Pudenda is the fancy term for the external genital organs. It comes from the Latin word pudere—to be ashamed. As in, the naughty bits, where the sun don’t shine”or the unmentionables. We're expected to hide our maximum pleasure zone - our cunts.

So, when thinking of it in that historically misogynistic context, I guess it’s not so bad that my 26-year-old sister-in-law tells me that “everyone” shaves “everything” down there these days.

It’s like we’re taking the beard off the beaver so everyone can see its face, or inviting the sun to finally shine down there. How liberating!

Well, it’s too bad I had to tell her that I, personally, cannot bear to shave my twat, because I don’t just have a camel toe—I have the whole camel foot.

I guess that means I’m ashamed of my pudenda.

Pity the Poor Nihilist

Try as I might, I can't get you out of my mind. Is that a declaration of love or resentment? We could watch this space together. I've got a great expectation. Don't we ask of everyone? Is this person for real? in my case, no. I'm the first to admit it. I come in verted commas. Behind me sits the master stroker. He composes on crutches. I kick yours. It confirms mine.

You don't seem very sure of yourself today. What's the matter? I keep crossing out. For some reason I try to make sense. What's left in the self to be righteous about? There's nothing like a handicap to get some sympathy. Pity the poor nihilist. He's only got himself to blame.

Social Media: It's All about Me

. . . .

Social media have reduced communication to a series of self-announcements.

The clear and ancient delineation between the public and private self has eroded. This has not only destroyed the civic public sphere in which social problems could be dealt with impersonally but also the boundaries of private life that made intimacy meaningful. The result is widespread narcissism.

This self-absorption which prevents us from understanding what belongs within the domain of the self and self-gratification and what belongs outside it … an obsession with “what this person, this event, means to me.

This question about the personal relevance of other people and outside acts is posed so repetitively that a clear perception of those persons and events in themselves is obscured. It is a character disorder was has been accentuated by capitalism.

Thanks to Web 2.0, the disorder has now been externalized. The platforms encourage us to behave as narcissists by leading us to conceive of our experience automatically as something to be reproduced for others as an indication of our “status.”

No occasion is necessary to prompt this sharing: It indicates no special relationship or special temporal event. It sanctifies nothing. It is simply a reflex of our mediated existence.

Lost in the compulsive sharing are the conventions of the civil society — disinterestedness, the ability to assume public roles and behave according to established conventions of public behavior without it being assessed by the codes of private, intimate life.

To the extent that a society mobilizes narcissism, it gives rein to a principle of expression entirely contrary to the expressive principle of play. In such a society it is only natural that artifice and convention will seem suspect.

The logic of such a society will be the destruction of these tools of culture. It will do so in the name of removing the barriers between people, of bringing them closer together, but it will succeed only in transposing the structures of domination in the society into psychological terms.

If You're Left Don't Vote Democrat

. . . .

The left needs to organize the unorganized. The working people, the unemployed, the young, and the restless. The right wing has their core group of supporters who organize around fear of the other.

The liberals have those who believe in the myth of American equality because they have no class analysis. The Left needs to organize the rest and they need to do so without the Democratic Party.

It should be quite clear to almost every left-leaning American by now that the Democrats are nothing more than another wing of the party that works for Wall Street and the Pentagon. To continue to work for and elect their candidates is self-defeating.

Barack Obama’s campaign was based on false hope and promises. Once elected he reneged on almost every promise of change.

This should be enough to convince any left-leaning or progressive person in the United States who voted for Obama in 2008 that the time has come to end this relationship for good and forever.

Like the cheating and lying spouse that keeps asking for one more chance after you find them in bed with your enemy once again, there comes a time to end the relationship.

Not only have the occasional moments of bliss and the crumbs that say I care become fewer and fewer, they are no longer enough.

The denial so many left-leaning Americans have lived with in their relationship with the Democrats is causing more harm then it is worth.

Walk away, close the door behind you and begin the work required to build a real force for radical change in the United States.


It's a Brand-Name Culture

Click on . . . . for sources

. . . .

We wander around dressed from head to toe in logo wear and merchandising – walking corporate advertisements, imitating a fifteen second television spot or a half-page magazine spread, silently pledging allegiance to one brand or another.

What is being branded – the product or the person? Image has replaced value. Convenience has replaced quality. Entertainment has replaced imagination. And everything is entertainment.

In North America, advertising spending has skyrocketed tenfold over the last 25 years; the average person is 10 per cent heavier than in 1970; airplane seats are getting wider; SUVs are getting bigger; children are less active; we watch more TV.

Industries like beauty, tobacco, pharmaceutical, diamond, oil and gas, and processed foods begin to whittle into our psyche at an early age.

Sexy ads prey on insecurities and praise vanity. At this impressionable age we are fed a steady diet of invented problems and convenient solutions.

If this is what we are raised on, so it’s hardly surprising that we grow up with a consumer mentality, willingly becoming a flock of sheep being herded through a pasture of shopping malls and food courts by our mass-marketing keeper.

We give them the power to propagate a societal-vicious circle of desire and consumption to the point where many people define themselves by the brands they buy and equate their intrinsic human value by the status symbols they can afford.

The Fear of Being Abandoned

Don't say I'm a cynic. I've been there and done that. Anyway, fuck all this bullshit. I'm tired of being wise. Let's decide. Do we prepare ourselves for action or conserve energy? Don't imagine it's down to me.

I hallucinate. I don't want to keep coming across you in my mind. When asked what he wondered while wandering. I don't need interruption. I'm focussing on my autonomic nervous system. Which way will it jump?

You're being delusional again. To think you've got any control. The fear of being abandoned. We could spend here for ever playing the opposite of. I needn't copy myself. I'm daily original. You've got a long wait for the connection. What do you mean by the time?

Kinky Sex & Pop Culture

. . . .

The fetishes and kinks we see in current music videos aren't shocking per se, but then again, we live in a time where BDSM is less stigmatized and it's not quite as pervy to purchase a first-timer's bedroom bondage kit or a feather tickler.

The internet has made a lot of this possible. In reading different editions of SM 101 and The Bottoming Book/The Topping Book, you find that the internet allowed kinksters to come out of the woodwork somewhat safely and anonymously and find each other on sites like FetLife or collarme.

More people can look into BDSM on the internet, and that sort of fulfilled curiosity makes a collar with a D-ring on the front somehow less scary and more sexy.

America's Addiction to Consumption

. . . .

Americana chronically consume more than they produce and spend more than they earn. But it's not only consumers.

The federal government has also adopted a policy of stimulating the economy with extra, deficit spending during downturns. This was supposed to be compensated by surpluses during economic upturns, but in recent years, of course, the government deficits have been both chronic and large.

So it is not surprising that America now finds itself in a position where its consumption as a percent of GDP had risen from 58 percent in the 1950s to 71 percent.

Keeping the People Passive & Obedient

. . . .

The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum - even encourage the more critical and dissident views.

That gives people the sense that there's free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.

Since the voice of the people is allowed to speak out in democratic societies, those in power better control what that voice says — in other words, control what people think.

One of the ways to do this is to create political debate that appears to embrace many opinions, but actually stays within very narrow margins.

You have to make sure that both sides in the debate accept certain assumptions — and that those assumptions are the basis of the propaganda system. As long as everyone accepts the propaganda system, the debate is permissible.

One reason that propaganda often works better on the educated than on the uneducated is that educated people read more, so they receive more propaganda.

Another is that they have jobs in management, media, and academia and therefore work in some capacity as agents of the propaganda system — and they believe what the system expects them to believe.

By and large, they're part of the privileged elite, and share the interests and perceptions of those in power.

It is much more difficult to see a propaganda system at work where the media are private and formal censorship is absent.


Her Orgasm: Vaginal or Clitoral?

. . . .

There are two types of female orgasm: the clitoral (external) and the vaginal (internal). The clitoris is the only human organ whose sole purpose is pleasure, as it has no relation to pregnancy or menstruation. Though the key to the external orgasm is the clitoris, some guys get too excited after finding it.

Many make the mistake of applying too much pressure during direct manual or oral stimulation of the clitoris. This can actually be painful and irritating.

As stimulation continues, the tissue of the clitoral hood swells making it less visible. This is to prevent direct contact. Touching the area surrounding the clitoris is much more pleasurable.

The biggest misunderstanding amongst both men and women is the vaginal orgasm. Most individuals incorrectly agree with Freud’s theory:

“Whenever a woman is incapable of achieving an orgasm via coitus, provided the husband is an adequate partner, and prefers clitoral stimulation to any other form of sexual activity, she can be regarded as suffering from frigidity and requires psychiatric assistance.”

Freud obviously had no knowledge of female anatomy, and probably had a really small penis (loser).

The vagina has very little nerve endings compared with the clitoris, and is therefore not exactly designed for orgasmic pleasure.

When Will American Liberals Care about the Plight of Palestinians?

. . . .

Israel's murderous attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla has served to focus international attention on its longstanding, immoral siege of Gaza.

Since the election of Hamas in 2007, Israel has tightened its hold on Gaza's borders, blocking essential goods from entering and Gazan products from leaving, effectively destroying Gaza's economy.

Eight out of ten Gazans depend on international food aid to survive, and ninety-five per cent of its drinking water fails to meet safety standards for consumption.

Seventy per cent of the population suffers from food insecurity. Thirteen per cent of the children of Gaza suffer stunted growth from malnutrition.

Do American liberals care about the fact that Gaza is a concentration camp? Some do. Some criticize Israel. But the prevailing image that continues to dominate is that of the vulnerable Jew, the perennial victim. Liberals are complicit in this myth.

Mind Mechanics

Do you really want to be ordered? About what? Basically, gathering information. No time for thought. If you're fast enough there's no reflection. Yet you're always complaining. I'm going to set myself up as a moan consultant. You attend my clinic. Privately, of course. You come to spill your woes. What am I meant to do? Sympathise?

What's therapy for? You want to relieve yourself on me. I go along with the sport. I delude myself into believing I can help you. Need some advice? Seek a professional. You'll find him under mind mechanics.

Glenn Beck Is a Vaudeville Freak

. . . .

This proponent of “common sense,” whom the media chooses to portray as a “populist,” is fantastically compensated, taking in a reported $32 million from March 2009 to March 2010.

This multimillionaire, unsurprisingly, is an enthusiastic spokesman for the American financial-corporate aristocracy and a venomous foe of anyone who dares to criticize it.

Nearly everything Glenn Beck says and does smells of ignorance and paranoia. Perhaps the most authentic element of his daily performance is the desperation he projects.

What has led to such an individual having access to the airwaves in the US? Rupert Murdoch and other media moguls are making enormous resources available as part of the deliberate cultivation of ultra-right elements.

It's one of capitalism’s self-defense mechanisms: the attempt to churn up the most backward layers of the population into a froth about “socialism,” even as the bankers and the corporate aristocracy rob the people blind.

Felon is the New 'Nigger'

. . . .

One in three black U.S. adult males carries the crippling lifelong mark of a felony record.

'Felony marking' is no small problem for social and racial justice in America. The prison experience itself is only the tip of the many-sided mass incarceration iceberg, whose chilling impact on black opportunity spreads across the societal terrain.

Felon is the new Nigger. They don’t have to call you a nigger anymore. They just say you’re a felon. The equivalent of a lynching is a felony charge. It's the modern way of saying, ‘I’m going to burn you.’ When your labeled a felon, you’re fucked.

Once you’re branded as a felon, all the old forms of discrimination are suddenly legal.

That includes employment discrimination, housing discrimination, denial of the right to vote, denial of educational opportunity, denial of food stamps and other public benefits, and exclusion from jury service –

As a criminal you have scarcely more rights, and arguably less respect, than a black man living in Alabama at the height of Jim Crow.


Pubic Hair Photo Album

. . . .

You like to let it all hang loose – your hair is a badge of honor! You don’t believe in trimming, even when you’re sporting a bikini. As a women, letting your pubic hair grow should be seen as sexually liberating. After all, real women grow a bush!

Capitalism Collapses

. . . .

Europe’s rulers are fearful of the growing danger of social revolution on the continent. That is what their advisors are telling them is the inevitable product of the worsening economic crisis.

But this is made all the more certain by their own efforts to place the entire burden on the backs of working people in the interests of the major banks and corporations—in the process setting out to destroy what remains of the welfare measures and working conditions previously won by workers.

The ruling classes of Europe are preparing for the emergence of mass working class struggles through the promotion of various middle-class fake-left organisations like the New Anti-Capitalist Party in France, the Left Party in Germany, Syriza in Greece, etc.

These quisling parties prevent the development of socialist consciousness and block the political independence of the working class. They are also preparing for the use of mass state repression and the introduction of dictatorial forms of rule.

The advantage presently enjoyed by the ruling class is that the working class does not have the required socialist and revolutionary perspective and leadership to mount its own counter-offensive.

Instead, those organisations falsely designated as representing the workers and trade unions act as a fifth column of big business.

Whether they put together their various one-day protest strikes, such as in Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain, or do nothing at all like Britain’s Trades Union Congress, the unions function as instruments for imposing austerity measures and cuts through the deliberate suppression and containment of the class struggle.

They work hand-in-glove with the employers and governments, whether these are their formally social democratic counterparts or the archest of conservative administrations.

I'm about to Pass This Motion

When asked what he was composing himself more. I'm trying to put together a character here. He was the grand pontificator. Have you seen your GP recently? If I were you should. But that goes without saying.

I've got to own up. I'm a practising cack-hander. Like the righteous, I scrub my nails afterwards. Would you trust him behind a salad-bar? Anyway, be still. I'm about to pass this motion. He went to the edge and found some soul. That'll keep him going for a while.

The United States of Amnesia

. . . .

Remember, children. Propaganda works because we don't know we're being propagandized. How could anyone suggest that in this beacon of 'freedom and democracy', the magnificent United States of Amnesia, that we are programmed to to follow an ideology?

In the West the calculated manipulation of public opinion to serve political and ideological interests is much more covert and therefore much more effective than a propaganda system imposed in a totalitarian regime.

We must remember that in time of war what is said on the enemy's side of the front is always propaganda, and what is said on our side of the front is truth and righteousness, the cause of humanity and a crusade for peace. — Walter Lippmann

There is the need for free societies to be aware when they are subjected to incessant and systematic campaigns of indoctrination and disinformation, the more so if it is to wage wars of aggression abroad. - Rodrigue Tremblay

Fearful people are more dependent, more easily manipulated and controlled, more susceptible to deceptively simple, strong, tough measures and hard-line postures.

They may accept and even welcome repression if it promises to relieve their insecurities.
- George Gerbner (Former Dean of the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania)

Redneck Rabble-Rousers

. . . .

The growing number of rabble-rousers in the mainstream media have huge financial backing from the corporate elite and represent the new face of the culture of cruelty and hatred.

Any mention of the social state, putting limits on casino capitalism and regulating corporate zombies puts petty propagandists into a state of high rage.

The likes of Beck, Limbaugh and more up-market propagandists like David Brooks matter not simply because of what they say, but because of the emergence and influence of anti-democratic institutions and the formations of capital that support them.

Power does not work simply through the control and influence of wealth, income and resources. It also has to legitimate itself, and for that it needs to create a pedagogical culture through which it can promote its ideologies and values.

Vast right-wing cultural apparatuses now exist in the mainstream media, on college campuses and in the government - a kind of stealth pedagogical machine that does everything it can to promote its political agenda.


America's 'Classless Society' Myth

. . . .

Americans still cling to the fairy story that we live in a classless society. We want to believe in luck and pluck and individual sacrifice. It's a story that is repeated and reinforced on a continual and perpetual basis in American society, rooted deeply in our sense of who we are.

In feudal Europe, peasants knew exactly where they stood in relation to kings and the landed gentry. Those class divisions were decidedly unsubtle. Nasty, mean, and brutish, in fact. No pretension was necessary.

I'm not a fan of feudal Europe, but class matters are indeed muddled in highly developed, consumer-driven societies like Western Europe and the United States.

The magical and rare beauty of our narrative of the classless society is its subtle power and its ability to structure society without blatant force.

Thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams, cultural identities and social habits hold the superstructure in place.

He Has No Sense of

I could tell from the moment we met. Unlike me, you haven't been called into doubt. Should the pig be headed? Is the prophet cryptic? It's easy for you to talk. I've got to get on with myself. Have you taken that into consideration?

I've just about shed all the light. Nothing matters more. We now it's only a facsimile, don't we? Were, you, last time you checked? He went about his purpose without one. I suppose it gave him a sense of.

Economic Apartheid

. . . .

We are living in a 21st century apartheid system, created and maintained by capitalism. The capitalist class of bankers and elite politicians are creaming off profits and living luxurious lifestyles on the backs of workers who are now losing their jobs and homes.

The words ‘credit crunch’ sound like a breakfast cereal instead of mass unemployment, homelessness, poverty, inequality, despair and frustration. We should not be surprised that the G20 agreed to revive capitalism.

As James Connolly stated: “Governments in a capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class.” We do not need the reform of the capitalist system, we need it replaced.

Pop Culture: Advertising & Entertainment

. . . .

The stories ads create for brands are essentially no different than those fashioned in popular entertainment, and the two species of social communication work in mutually reinforcing ways.

Both want to convince us that suspending disbelief, embracing that as a kind of optimism and imaginative investment, is pleasing for its own sake.

Both use similar tactics (humor, suspense, acute irrationality, non sequiturs, genre convention; encouraging absorption in a comfortably formulaic and highly structured plot) to accomplish that aim.

They gratify our longing for escape with something temporary and fictitious protecting us from the chaos and the costs real perpetual metamorphoses would entail.

By believing completely in the fiction, we can demonstrate the superiority of our imagination while at the same time reap the benefits of it. Ads and popular culture exercise our imagination, and the exercise feels good.

Why would anyone (outside the Brechtian theater) bother with the perversity of resisting?

Slowly we become convinced that consuming something (entertainment, a branded product) is equivalent to doing something—that the fictitious escape is no different than real experience, that our imaginative investment in a product makes us creative, more alive.

And since we are putting all this imagination into bringing the stories imbedded in brands and TV shows and whatnot to life, shouldn’t we really think of ourselves as being producers as well as consumers?

Isn’t the very act of cultural consumption always already an act of production as well? These are comforting notions:

Conflating production with consumption permits us to plan a highly productive evening around the Thursday night prime-time TV schedule.

But when we regard cultural consumption as the consumer’s production of emotional states within himself, we have shifted the locus of the consumer’s meaningful work away from society to our interior consciousness.

"Let Me Be Clear," Obama Says

. . . .

"So let me be clear," he said, "Al-Qaida and its allies -- the terrorists who planned and supported the 9/11 attacks -- are in Pakistan and Afghanistan."

But his view of what is going on now in Afghanistan, almost eight years after 9/11, was simply not true, and was, indeed, positively misleading.

"And if the Afghan government falls to the Taliban," he said, "or allows al-Qaida to go unchallenged -- that country will again be a base for terrorists who want to kill as many of our people as they possibly can."

Obama described the same sort of domino effect that Washington elites used to ascribe to international communism.

In the updated, al-Qaida version, the Taliban might take Kunar Province, and then all of Afghanistan, and might again host al-Qaida, and might then threaten the shores of the United States.

He even managed to add an analog to Cambodia to the scenario, saying, "The future of Afghanistan is inextricably linked to the future of its neighbor, Pakistan," and warned, "Make no mistake: Al-Qaida and its extremist allies are a cancer that risks killing Pakistan from within."

This latter-day domino theory of al-Qaida takeovers in South Asia is just as implausible as its earlier use in Southeast Asia (ask Thailand or the Philippines).

In blaming everything on al-Qaida, Obama has broken his pledge of straight talk to the public and fallen back on Bush-style bogeymen and implausible conspiracy theories.


I'm up to Here in Self-Deception

You see the state I'm about to cave in. Are you surprised I'm without support? I've got this great idea. So What? We know you won't implement it. The preacher cam into my practice. What can I do for you? I've got this uncontrollable urge to change the minds of others. Can you give me something for it? Don't ask me, mate. I'm trying to make an impression.

I suppose it's one way of coping. Everything's that. I'm alive and wel.. Living this illusion. Don't butt my head! I'm up to here in self-deception. One doubts oneself. That's why he can't come out. You know what it's like. You're so busy grazing you can't look up.

Good Morning Fuck

. . . .

It’s that period between being awake and a dream state. I press my naked backside to his front side. Warm flesh nestled so perfectly together, I can hear his heavy breathing but his cock is slowly waking.

My hand reaches back as I gently rouse it. My ass presses against him, rubbing, grinding, it’s a rhythmic movement arousing his consciousness.

His hand moves, draping over my breasts, seeking my nipple out with fingertips. My eyes close as he pinches and tugs. My lips part with a long sigh. It’s the one thing I ache for when we are together.

I love the pain he gives me with the pleasure. At times the pain feels unbearable, I hiss and jerk my head grabbing the iron headboard. Other times I whimper helplessly yet begging for more.

Slowly his hand snakes its way to my hipbone and the flesh of my cunt. As he massages my flesh I’m consumed with the thought of is his fingers pushing inside me and making my clit come.

America's War Media

. . . .

The dominant corporate mass media’s coverage of U.S. foreign policy is no magical exception to the rule that the more things change the more they stay the same.

Under the standard media rules, deeply internalized by reporters and commentators who want to keep their paychecks coming, Uncle Sam is always at bottom a noble, benevolent, democratic, selfless, altruistic and well-intentioned actor on the global stage.

The U.S. is never a vicious, selfish, murderous, and criminal oppressor or an imperialist. The U.S. occasionally makes tragic “mistakes” and tactical errors in the design and execution of its inherently virtuous foreign policies, but those policies are never fundamentally immoral, illegal, or imperial in nature.

There is some space for criticism of U.S. militarism in dominant media but only for pragmatic criticism, never for principled moral criticism.

There is room only for critical evaluation of whether or not the policy in question is working – working for “us,” with “us.”

That's taken to be synonymous with an empire that accounts for nearly half of the world’s military spending and maintains more than 800 bases spread across more than 130 countries – all in the name of something they call “defense."

Social Media & The Herd Mentality

. . . .

Herd mentality describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behavior, follow trends, and/or purchase items.

Examples of the herd mentality include the early adopters of high tech products such as 3G cell phones and iPads.

Groups [herds] which hang out together tend to stick up for each other. As can be seen on MySpace, FaceBook & Twitter, members of a tribe will work to promote each other. When one of them tweets, other members of the tribe will retweet it.

People in these herds are broken up into two groups, explains Friedrich Nietzsche, the philosopher who coined the phrase.

One lent itself to the religious points of views- their beliefs and how those dictated their actions.

The other lent itself to influence by the media- based upon what others perceive as 'right' (following trends, social norms, etc.).

Nietzsche perceived these two forms of subservience to be a weakness among the common man, and that the "Superman" as Nietzsche terms is the one who overcomes the values of the fallible herd.


Propaganda in a 'Democracy'

. . . .

Propaganda of one sort or another has become so much a part of our lives that we don’t even recognize it as such. As Lao Tzu said, “the best knots are tied without rope.”

Of course, one could easily say that we in the west are better off than people living in communist countries or under dictatorships, because their propaganda is far more rigid and insidious than our own.

This argument is a misleading one, however, for the simple reason that their propaganda is more visible and easier to perceive than our own.

By its very nature, a democratic society offers so many choices to its citizens that we would have neither the time nor the energy to narrow them down without a whole industry of communications professionals dedicated to just that.

Our propagandists do not use rope, barbed wire, mental hospitals, and the militia to make their point; no—they use the latest communication techniques disseminated through the print and electronic media in the guise of “giving us what we really want.”

What is truly pernicious about much of the propaganda that surrounds us in the west is the very “reasonableness” of it—the way in which we are taught to believe that it somehow represents our real needs.

For the goal of a propagandist—no matter what his or her stripe—is to make a sale of some kind by seeking to convince us that they understand our inner or outer needs and goals and are responding to them.

The Material of Imagination

Actually, I'm more comfortable in the third person. It's the favoured position. When one's with oneself. Even there's a conversation. Hang on.I'll just get one on the one to one. And you thought it was god. There's little I can do for you. My tongue's tied. When asked what kind of work I don't. It's impossible to talk about myself like that. I'm the material of imagination.

If there's a god one's it. I've never been able to come out and claim the person I am. Is it fitting to survive by putting down others? I walk round your personality, spotting cracks in the illusion. Better bring in the surveyor. I call him one, myself. Am I a case of writer's cramp? Are you sure one can"t be sure? I mean, how do you raise yours when I don't expect myself?

Fame! Andy Warhol Wanted to Live Forever

. . . .

1960s pop artist Andy Warhol came close to describing today's so-called TV stars and celebrity misfits.

The New York-based pioneer said: "Don't pay attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches."

His work seemed to predict a superficial society obsessed with fame. So is the inventor of pop culture a genius or a fraud?

Andy is ghost of celebrity past, present, and yet to come. He was obsessed with death.

Perhaps that was the pure motivation behind his art. He used it as an escape from mortality. Through his art he would be immortal.

Isn't that the key which unlocks the secret in all of us? What will we leave behind when we die? A mark, a trace that proves we were here?

Orgasm for One, Please

. . . .

Do women really need partners to figure out what feels good? No, we don't. When we take the time to explore our bodies, it brings more benefits than a few moments of absolute bliss and mind-numbing exhilaration.

"When you explore your body, you are more able to communicate what you like," said Nandi Crosby, a sociology professor. "It's like, you know, you explore your body and bam."

Sometimes, you just have to take care of your own business when you're ridiculously horny. When you are aroused, a one-person venture down south is a much better decision than calling a jerk ex with whom the sex is great, Crosby said.

"It's a benefit to do it myself and not call anybody and risk feeling like shit the next day," she said.

The Capitalist Class

. . . .

The dominance of the capitalist class over the state is through representatives, or various power elites, drawn directly from the capitalist class itself and from its hangers who occupy strategic positions in corporate and government circles.

The concept of “the power elite” was introduced in the 1950s by sociologist C. Wright Mills, and was subsequently developed by others, notably G. William Domhoff, author of Who Rules America?

For Domhoff, the power elite is “the leadership group or operating arm of the ruling class. It is made up of active, working members of the ruling class and high-level employees in institutions controlled by members of the ruling class.”


Lolita Lives!

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I was in an auto parts store a while back. A teenage Hispanic girl was in there with her Mom, Dad and siblings. I figure she was 15. I was 50.

Well, she started looking at me. She was looking at me the whole time, giving me the eye. At first I was afraid to look back at her because her parents were there, but they made it clear that they did not give a damn, so I started looking back at her just for fun.

I can't touch a 15-yr old, of course, but at this age, it feels great to know I can still attract such a young girl.

The great thing was the attitude of the parents. They were like, "Hey, she's 15, she's a woman now, of course she's looking at men."

British Class War Continues

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Millionaire Prime Minister David Cameron has launched one of the worst-ever peacetime assaults on the British people.

Using his big lie that "we are all in this together," the stinking rich Tory warned of "tough" decisions on public spending, pay, pensions and welfare benefits.

"The decisions we make will affect every single person in our country," he claimed.

The decisions would be "momentous" and the effects would "stay with us for years, perhaps decades to come."

Civil Service union PCS urged massive resistance by the trade union movement against the Tories' crippling cuts.

PCS deputy general secretary Hugh Lanning said: "The message from us is clear. We will work with other trade unions where we can to campaign in workplaces and in our communities to vigorously oppose these politically driven cuts."

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber challenged Mr Cameron over his claim that the cuts would affect every single person in the country.

"Deficit reduction through cuts alone will inevitably hit the poor, the vulnerable and the great mass of middle-income Britain who depend on public services," said Mr Barber.

"Those at the top will hardly notice."

American Capitalism: Lifting the Veil

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What would American society actually be like if the veil of money were lifted and the real face of power were seen?

Is society, stripped of its ideological cover and reduced to nakedness, one of equality? Hardly. Four hundred individuals in the US (the Forbes 400) own almost as much wealth as the bottom half of the population (150 million people)?

Is this a rational society, when a trillion dollars each year is spent on the U.S. military? Can it be justified when the system, according to modern science, is pointing to mass extinction of the species, quite possibly humanity itself?

Capitalism’s main economic claim to being an indispensable system is that it promotes economic growth, the benefits of which ostensibly trickle down to the vast majority.

Today, however, in the mature capitalist economies, economic growth has slowed to a crawl (though sufficient to threaten the environment). The gains of labor productivity flow upwards by myriad pumps, after which they are seldom allowed to trickle down.

The result is a deeply unequal society and generalized economic stagnation, associated with a dearth of effective demand. This is countered only in part by financial bubbles, which eventually burst with disastrous effects.

Fucking Lesbians!

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She has given me the greatest gift known to a lesbian top: she is my dream bottom. She rivets me to the moment so that I cannot even fantasize about anyone else because she is the fantasy in my bed, in the flesh.

And when I strap it on, I’m her daddy and she receives everything I give her with the enthusiastic graciousness of a born submissive.

Reading from top to bottom, setting the right scene is as crucial as the cinematic opening to a Hitchcock masterpiece.

When two women wind up in bed together, it helps for one to lead and the other to follow for the sake of facilitating the most exciting fuck ever.

Sometimes two women will wrestle one another–playfully or aggressively—to own this top position.

By contrast, most men top women as easily as if it were their sexual birthright. And likewise, one lesbian is often as natural a lead as her male counterparts with no questions asked–simply stating instead, “Get on your back, bitch.”

Although she says I am her “commanding, demanding cock-swinging rock star,” there’s a lot to be said for versatility.

She knows how to flick a whip over my naked skin for a solid flogging session. And she will flip me over on my back long enough to give me exactly what I need to be satisfied.

Has the Subject Been Raised Yet?

If this is the play I want a part in it. Do you go or wait for? Does everything depend on which way you look at it? I mean, who wants to be focussed anyway? You've got to laugh. We rush to get on with the next thing. We're scared of breathing space. It's a matter of guts. Have you got enough? Do you feel it in? So that I stimulate your sympathetic nervous system. Let me loose on your transmission.

I'd rather seduce than hope for reproduction. The means by which I lead you aside. Not that I want to quash you. What did she make of it? Her feathers were ruffled. I'm just thinking out loud. You realise. While squatting he was occupied. Has the subject been raised yet? You seem surer than I.


There's No Such Thing As Truth - Only Belief Systems

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Postmodernism posits that there is no such thing as objective truth or values. Everything is a “narrative” or “text”, which is constructed to serve elite interests or ideologies.

Jean-Francois Lyotard offered one of the most useful insights into the term “postmodern” when he defined it as “incredulity toward meta-narratives.” In other words, we should be wary of simple and seductive tales.

In many ways, postmodernist philosophers were reacting to 20th-century meta-narratives that began as supposed utopias but ended as horrors - fascism, communism and capitalism are troubling examples.

Yet, on a less vile and more subtle stage, meta-narratives are at play today; think of the romantic notions that globalization, unregulated capital markets or military might will solve the world’s problems.

Postmodernism questions these clean, reassuring abstractions. We need to stop viewing the world in terms of absolutes: “good vs. evil,” “right vs. wrong.” Reality is much more nuanced.

If the essence of philosophical inquiry is never to consent to being completely comfortable with one’s own presuppositions, we need more philosophers

We're Going Gaga

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Easy access to stardom has demystified fame as a category. The explosion of reality television, flash-in-the-pan internet memes, and the proliferation of previously unpublishable celebrity trash leaves us in our present abject condition: obliged to wade through the disillusioning images of “Stars: They’re Just Like Us”.

While every exhibitionistic social-media outlet reinforces the growing sense of “Us: We’re Just Like Stars”. Slumped in isolation before a computer screen, working to maintain our enviable followers-to-following ratio on Twitter, we realize that fame, as such, is not tantamount to glamour.

We're offered platforms on which we create our own personae and announce ourselves to others. Now that niche culture is the principal output of culture in general, celebrity has become highly relative.

Jon and Kate Gosselin, lonelygirl15, and your extended family’s blogs and Facebook pages aren’t exactly the stuff of American myth.

The Smell of Revolution in the Air

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What’s happening in Greece will spread worldwide as economies decline. We will see social unrest growing in all nations which are facing sovereign debt crisis, the most obvious being Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Iceland, the Ukraine, Hungary, followed by the UK and the US.

This crisis is directly connected to the end of the world order as we know it since 1945. It started even earlier even earlier with the European colonisation process. The whole global fabric centred on the US for 60 years is slowly collapsing, generating turmoil of all sorts.

The social unrest will end with war. It’s as simple and as horrifying as that.

Both Calliol and Celente reject claims that agitators are behind the wave of social unrest.

There are no organisations behind this response. It’s a public response. This is a 21st century rendition of the ‘workers of the world unite.’

The people are fully aware of the enormous bailouts going to the financial industry. The people are being forced to pay for the warped policy of 'too big to fail.'.

The higher the taxes go, the more jobs that are lost, the deeper public-sector cuts become, the greater the levels of protest.

In Support of Women Who Hook Up

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"Slutty" behavior is good for the species. That is the conclusion of a new wave of research on the evolutionary drives behind sexuality and parenting.

Women everywhere have been selflessly engaging in trysts outside of matrimony. And they have been doing it for a good long time and for excellent reasons.

Anthropologists say female promiscuity binds communities closer together and improves the gene pool.

Evolution has nudged women a bit toward promiscuity and sexual adventure. In all well-studied primates, females exhibit a polyandrous tendency when given the opportunity to stray.

Some who cheat appear to be more fertile, and the offspring of most are more likely to survive.

Fooling around appears to have helped our ancestral mothers equip their little ones for success -- the sexual equivalent of reading to them every night or enrolling them in the after-school chess club.

High infidelity, remarriage and divorce rates may have less to do with modernity than with our collective sexual past. It makes the variation we're seeing in modern society much more understandable.

If the anthropologists are right, monogamy may well be counter-evolutionary or an adaptation to modern life. Or perhaps the nuclear family has always been more to do with cultural conditioning than evolutionary drive.

Social Media for Home Aloners

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The language of social media sites like Facebook, with its “Would you like to add me as a friend?” narrative, undermines what real friendship is. A new generation thinks friends can be made by clicking on an icon.

My unease about social networking were fanned by a fascinating study by the Mental Health Foundation, which blamed high levels of loneliness among young people on their use of virtual rather than real communication.

Dubbed the “Eleanor Rigby generation”, those aged 18-34 (84% use the internet regularly) are the most likely to be lonely, according to the report. Thirty-one per cent admitted that they spent too much time online rather than face to face.

The psychologist Dr Aric Sigman says that social networking sites undermine social skills and the ability to read body language. Actual physical contact benefits our well-being by boosting levels of the hormone oxytocin. In fact, being lonely is as bad for your health as smoking.

That's hardly surprising. After all, we are social animals. Our ability to live in groups and co-operate is a key part of our survival as a species.

When we're deprived of contact with others we're are more prone to anxiety and paranoia. If you combine physical non-contact — being alone — with a constant stream of information about what a wonderful time all those “friends” are having, you have a culture of social anxiety and loneliness.


I Must Be, Mustn't I?

It must be the time in life. When push comes to fall. If only I could believe in what I imagine. As it is, I exist on a concept. Is that what matters? Despite this, I still manage to consume and burn calories. So I must be, mustn't I? Without doubt?

Don't you turn on me! Have a go at yourself. To think my reflection lets you see what you"re doing. Don't blame me. I've been put here to undermine your certainty. Mine's shafted enough.

Israeli Newspeak

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Just imagine if these were Iranian commandos attacking a multinational, six-boat aid flotilla in international waters. The United States, the European Union and Israel would instantly make sure to shock and awe Iran to kingdom come.

So here's how Israeli newspeak goes. Weapons-smuggling Hamas "terrorists" dupe fake international "demonstrators" into becoming human shields and start a firefight with Israeli commandos.

Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon, for instance, has described the flotilla as an al-Qaeda-linked "armada of hate and violence". Looks like Hamas and al-Qaeda are now in the business of smuggling cement, orange juice and Chinese dolls.

Progressive Jews, wherever they live, are the first to admit that most of Israel nowadays is extreme right-wing, paranoid, and convinced they are victims of a global propaganda war.

Thus the eternal recurring message - conveniently enveloped by US tax dollars - to the whole world. Shut up. We are the victims - we are always the victims. If you don't believe it, you are an anti-Semite.

Fortunately for Israel, there's always the original land of the free, home of the brave. Only in the US large sections of the population are capable of clamoring for punishing sanctions to be imposed on Iran and North Korea while being blind to the slow-motion genocide going on in the Israeli gulag.

And only one place in the whole world is capable of buying the narrative of Israel as "victims" of a humanitarian aid flotilla: the US Congress.

Imagine! The End of Capitalism

. . . .

Capitalism, the economic system that drives our society, is effectively off-limits to critical review or discussion. Nothing points so clearly to the alienated nature of politics in the United States.

If capitalism is mentioned at all by politicians or pundits, it's usually in hushed tones of reverence for the genius of the market, its unquestioned efficiency, and its providential authority.

One might quibble with a corrupt and greedy CEO or a regrettable loss of jobs, but the superiority and necessity of capitalism - or, more likely, its euphemism, the so-called “free market system” - is simply beyond debate or even consideration.

I Love Watching Women Urinate

. . . .

Although more properly called urolagnia, the sexual fetish is more often referred to as "golden showers".

The most common form such play takes is for one partner to urinate in such a way that the other partner can see and or feel the "golden shower" of urine.

Interestingly enough, many people regard golden showers as one of the most taboo of sexual acts, second only to sex play that specifically revolves around feces.

They find it even kinkier and "dirtier" than bondage, rape fantasies, cum swallowing, and/or sticking a vibrating dildo up the arse.

Most of us were raised to believe we shouldn't watch others when they are peeing. God forbid! You might either see or at least imagine their naked genitals.

Genitals have to do with sex, and sex of course is very naughty indeed. As a result, getting involved with another person's peeing process can seem extremely "dirty".

After all, we have moral dirtiness combined with hygienic dirtiness. Together they equal the ultimate taboo. Anyone for 'shit' sex? Most people find watching someone shit the last straw. Is that symptomatic of our repression?

Sex Quote

Look, I’m trying to be a gentleman about this. Just get down on your knees and stick your ass in the air. - Jack Nicholson (The Two Jakes)


Designer Vaginas

. . . .

Women are undergoing surgery to create perfect genitalia amid a shocking lack of information on the potential risks of the procedure.

Research published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology questions the very notion of aesthetically pleasing genitals.

Labioplasty, as it is known, costs about £3,000 privately and is offered for a variety of reasons: some women complain that wearing tight clothes or riding a bike is uncomfortable, while others say they are embarrassed in front of a sexual partner.

Many gynaecologists challenge the ethics of offering women surgery to address such insecurities, suggesting it is adverts for a "homogenised, pre-pubescent genital appearance" which creates these anxieties in the first place.

Propaganda for Dummies

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In the West the calculated manipulation of public opinion to serve political and ideological interests is much more covert and therefore much more effective than a propaganda system imposed in a totalitarian regime.

Its greatest triumph is that we generally don't notice the influence of propaganda — or laugh at the notion it even exists.

We watch the democratic process taking place - heated debates in which we feel we could have a voice — and think that, because we have “free” media, it would be hard for the Government to get away with anything very devious without someone calling them on it.

The American approach to social control is so much more sophisticated and pervasive that it really deserves a new name.

It isn't just propaganda any more, it's “prop-agenda.” It's not so much the control of what we think, but the control of what we think about.